Animal Print for Kids

With all the animal touches we’ve seen on catwalks and on the streets lately, it is no wonder that the same trend is now exerting its influence on kids’ casual wear. Likenesses of fluffy, furry animals such as rabbits, dogs and cats have always been popular kids’ prints. Now, it’s an animal of the savannah that’s starting to impose itself like the new wild king: the leopard.

Cute and wild

On kids’ animal-inspired clothes, the fierceness of the leopard print is made more playful and adorable with cartoon-like drawings that are perfect for little fashionistas. For little girls, a pale pink background gives the animal print a feminine touch, as seen in the John Lewis Baby Pink Dress and Leopard Leggings. For the boys, a navy sweatshirt with leopard print creates an outfit that’s perfect for having fun! For a funky take, try this John Lewis top that features a leopard’s face on the front and a tail print on the back.