APM Monaco

Replete with sparkling precious stones set in high-quality silver, APM Monaco jewellery are modern romantic statement pieces that elevate everyday looks and evening attires. The brand’s creations, from edgy earcuffs to dainty necklaces, take inspiring elements from fashion and design, evoking a distinctive touch of Monegasque chic and South of France flair.

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French Joie de Vivre

APM Monaco began as a family business established by Ariane Prete in 1982. Nurturing a passion for precious stones, diamonds and striking jewellery, Ariane designed beautiful pieces for some of the best names in the jewellery industry using tried-and-tested methods.

Three decades later, Ariane’s daughter-in-law, Kika, launched APM Monaco as a global brand. It continues to be inspired by the joie de vivre in Monaco and the South of France and carries on the founder’s legacy in creating timeless pieces that incorporate current trends while maintaining a distinctive high-end look.

"Whether you’re a rock chick or an haute diva, you will find an APM Monaco piece to covet".