Everyone can invent their own “imaginary self”. It is the emergence of a new cool romantic attitude, particularly coveted by generations Y and Z, living in large megacities, less materialistic than their elders and putting their well-being before money. The city and everyday life are therefore becoming their new playgrounds and the settings for their many adventures.

New Urban Romance

Looking for new urban experiences, people constantly reinvent themselves into adventurer. Their resourcefulness is unplugged from modern technology and takes shape through its rustic materials. The colour range with its Savannah greens revisits “natural” styles through its interpretations of the eternal safari style; notably, with faux-camouflage that make a splash in the city wardrobe. These worn, faded tones are combined with pretty pastels - to underline their romantic side and fresh naiveté.

A deep trend that lead us into a contemporary interior, where functionality joins forces with experience. A new, totally personalised way of life, turned upside down, in an innovative nomadic spirit which also affects cities.


The 1km-long overpass built in 1970 spanning Seoul Station will not be demolished but regenerated into a public garden. Dutch agency MVRDV conducted this redevelopment for the benefit of users who will be able to enjoy an arboretum with 250 species and leisure areas. A botanical track that will provide vegetation and a breathing space in one of the world’s densest cities.


A forest of 150 potted trees has been integrated into a 5-storey building in Turino. Designed by Italian architect LUCIANO PIA, the 25 verde structure absorbs almost 200,000 litres of carbon dioxide per hour, and creates a protective shield by eliminating a large part of harmful emissions from cars... and their noise!


Then there’s this city’s first-ever in-store vertical garden in Robinsons, created by world acclaimed French botanist Patrick Blanc. Extending over 3 floors and carrying over 308 species of foliage, this gorgeous work brings aesthetic beauty and plenty of environmental benefits.