Baroque Spirit

A royal breeze blows on the outfits in current fashion, infusing outfits with brocades, embroideries, appliques and decors, and creating looks that are beautifully baroque!

With this trend, jacquards become trendier than ever with the addition of graceful arabesques and delicate curves, further adorned with floral embroideries on fabrics and lace. Ribbons also come into play, accentuating waistlines or adorning otherwise simple outfits as seen in the Lesy Red Dress with Flower Appliques.

Setting the Trend

The same inspiration is seen on signature fashion with designers such as Elie Saab adapting the trend in her ball gowns and dresses and adding classy touches of petticoats, pearls, gemstones, braids and more.

And the ‘it’ colour? Opulent and elegant gold, warmer and more brilliant than silver. Use it as tasteful touches on your clothes the way Graci has done in their Girl's Black & Gold Top & Skirt Set or as accents in jewellery and accessories. You can also go all out with a golden-hued dress worn with strappy heels. For a classy day out, go adventurous and opt for a simple gold dress and sneakers.