Armed with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, Bedacht designs and produces hats, caps and accessories that manifest a great sense of details. The process starts with a collection of hig- quality materials and ends with signature designs that reflect the latest trends in fashion.

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Passion and Commitment

Maik Schulz and Ulrike Simon have been working together for 16 years and have a collective fashion experience of over three decades. In 2011, they established their own company and called it Bedacht, a German word that means “careful deliberation”. This definition soon became the company’s credo, dictating the way each piece is manufactured – with utmost care and know-how, handcrafted by the most skilful of artisans.

Today, Bedacht continues to grow, consistently gaining popularity among the fashionable crowd. It comes out with two collections every year, each one reflecting the height of fashion while remaining practical and wearable.

A special signature design and high quality make accessories from Bedacht one’s favourite companion

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