Craftholic is a collection of characters composed of various animals and a mysterious skeleton figure, each with an adorable name and an even more adorable personality. The characters are interpreted as prints on various items, from mugs to slippers, as well as cuddly stuffed figures made from soft, plush material.

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Meet the Craft

While conceptualising graphics to be printed on blankets, Japanese designer Ikuko Yamamoto came up with the Craftholic characters in 2008, envisioned as cute and cuddly mythical creatures from a planet called Craft who were sent to Earth to play with humans – literally an interplanetary play date!

Apart from their irresistible cuteness, the Craftholic characters also have the special ability to transform, allowing them to adjust their appearance to match their playmates. They are now seen on various items including mugs, bags, slippers, pillows and more and are also produced as stuffed dolls, so you can actually hug them, hold them, take them to tea parties or sleep next to them – the perfect alien best friend!

Nowadays, the brand collaborates with well-known fashion houses, convenience stores and Japanese pop groups to sustain the characters’ popularity not just in Japan but all over the world. Regardless of how far they’ve come (they’ve crossed galaxies to be with humans!), the Craftholic characters have stayed true to their mission – to use their cuteness to make the world a little bit better.

Whether as a printed design or a stuffed figure, the Craftholic characters are sure to put a smile on your face.

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