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In perfect harmony with the everlasting style of tradition and art, Louis Quatorze combines modernity with an elegance that is characteristic of French nobility. The brand’s designs are ever dynamic and transcend seasons and generations. With Classical, Contemporary and Signature collections, the Louis Quatorze brand offers various options for different styles, from casual street to formal elegance.

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A Lifestyle of Class & Luxury

Louis Quatorze was founded in 1980 by Paul Barrate, a Versailles leather craftsman who was quite inspired by the distinct artistic style of the 17th-century French nobles, particularly the Sun King, Louis XIV. Seeking to reinterpret this ancient style in a modern way, Paul decided to create a brand that offered a new trademark of luxury, one that is derived from exceptional quality and expert artistry.

Today, Louis Quatorze continues to achieve luxury with every new collection, finding new inspiration and imagination where some had not yet gone. The Louis Quatorze online shop offers a wide collection of Louis Quatorze bags, wallets, sunglasses and more.

Elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about leaving a lasting impression for being you