Loup Noir

Stylishly blending skilled craftsmanship, quality materials and artistic inspiration, Loup Noir bags feature classic styles that are perfect for global fashionistas. Contemporary graphic elements are combined with unexpected colour combinations to create bags that carry a distinctive exclusivity not only in name but also in design.

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Desired. Admired. Esteemed

Loup Noir was created by Jens Heimerdinger and Sascha Freyberg, both designers who have gained impressive fashion experience while working for some of the world’s best-known brands. They sought to produce bags with aesthetics that were easily distinguishable and with a high degree of individuality. All elements that go into each bag are meticulously created in Veneto and Como in Italy, keeping the quality top-notch and the looks remarkable.

"Loup Noir Bags have become signature items that are coveted must-haves for those with a taste for luxury fashion"