Neo ‘80s bags

Nearly 40 years ago, one of the most striking periods of fashion history was born: the 1980s with its unique fashion sense. This was when society experimented with everything – from eccentric chic, colourful madness and glamorous glitter to excessive details and PVC bracelets.

On the international scene, glamour girls such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Madonna wore the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier setting trends and creating fashion inspirations that fans and fashionistas all over the world were more than happy to follow.

Bags of the Decade

To infuse your current wardrobe with the ‘80s fashion trend, opt for graphic and brilliantly coloured accessories. The Lili Radu bags, available this week on the Robinsons Private Boutique, give the linear look a classic touch with leather filigrees that form the brand’s now-distinctive V design.

A shiny metallic hue is also an essential accessory. With its roomy interiors and unique design, the Joseph and Stacey Lucky Pleats Shopper offers a practical and highly fashionable choice that is perfect for day and night events.