Nico Giani

Designs by Nico Giani manifest a characteristic harmony and clarity achieved through meticulous attention to various details and stages, from aesthetic planning to technical realisation. Each piece features a touch of the designer’s eclecticism, curiosity and passion seen through sharp silhouettes, vibrant hues and the use of premium materials.

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In Search for the Perfect Proportion

The Nico Giani brand’s journey to success took it from Florence and Paris to San Francisco where designer Niccolo Giannini took up several courses and degrees in various aspects of fashion design. During these formative years, Niccolo would not only acquire considerable skills and experience in the fashion industry, he would also make it his mission to find that certain quality that would eventually make his designs unique and distinct. Nowadays, Nico Giani designs are known for a tasteful explosion of colours and shapes represented in perfect proportions with a hint of sweetness, creating pieces that are considered must-haves by the world’s fashionable crowd.

“Nico Giani’s search for a great impact through compact designs have resulted in pieces that pay tribute to geometry and colour”