Paul Smith Junior

With a characteristic use of colours, cuts and themes, Paul Smith Junior captures the style of the adult line and infuses it with an upbeat feel that suits fashion-forward youth. Every collection from the popular British designer exemplifies the perfect balance between chic tailoring and vibrant palettes that keep each piece as remarkable as the last.

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A New Adventure

Growing up, all Paul Smith wanted was to be a professional cyclist. However, after a bicycle accident at 17, he decided to embark on a new adventure into the world of international fashion. After meticulously learning the ropes, he introduced his first menswear collection in 1975 in Paris. Paul Smith is now known for stunning pieces that epitomise ‘classic with a twist’, a term he coined himself and a concept that trickles down to Paul Smith Junior which he launched in 2010. Vibrant colours, trendy prints and classic silhouettes are evident mixed with quirky, stand-out details that keep the fashion line young and fun — perfect for budding fashionistas.

From playful graphics and classic stripes to peppy hues, Paul Smith Junior features casual and tailored styles that children can wear for any occasion.