Salut De Miel

Perpetually in pursuit of delivering exceptional designs, Salut De Miel crafts accessories that exude confidence, strength and effortless elegance, qualities that personify every modern woman. Each design is inspired by expressive styles and given a sophisticated edge, creating jewellery pieces that are perfect in their individuality.

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Confident. Beautiful. Elegant.

While residing in Paris, designer Young Ji dreamed of creating accessories that would enable every woman to live her dreams. She believed that the perfect piece would give a woman just the right amount of extra confidence to let her inherent beauty and elegance shine through. With an emphasis on crafting jewellery that are not just accessories but extensions of one’s personality, Salut De Miel started offering a varied range of pieces that were affordable while still high on quality.

Today, Salut De Miel is available in various department stores all over the world and continue to make waves with jewellery pieces that are made unique through the use of vivid colours, bold designs and an unconventional mix of various stone materials.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

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