A luxury lifestyle brand, Shinola manufactures a range of products, from designer watches and accessories to bicycles and footballs that exemplify the best of American innovation. The brand is dedicated to introducing high-quality American-made products that give off that classic and modern feel and that find use in the typical person’s day-to-day life.

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A Storied Name

Inheriting its name from a shoe polish company that operated in the early 20th century, Shinola was revitalised as a luxury lifestyle brand in 2011. It sought to offer American consumers an alternative to mass-produced products from other countries that were inexpensive but often of very low quality.

Dedicated to the return of American manufacturing, Shinola now operates flagship stores in various locations across the USA, London and Toronto, enlisting the help of American suppliers and professionals throughout their operation. Their signature creations currently include wristwatches, handbags, belts, iPhone cases, bicycles, varsity jackets and more and have been worn by the likes of Bill Clinton. The brand has set eyes on transforming into a full-fledged lifestyle brand by becoming a definite differentiator in the market.

Creating a community that thrives through excellence, Shinola redefines American luxury through American quality